About Us

Missionaries of Jesus The Savior {MJS}, we are commonly called “JESOLITES” as a public association of the Christian faithful and we pursue the practice of perfection. Also, do active works and live Apostolic institute. In addition, we are men and women living a consecrated life and making promise of the evangelical counsels and growing in charity as we assist to build the body of Christ and sponsor churches with soul winning both in prayers and evangelization missions. As religious order and non-profit, Inter-faith (ecumenism). It is institute of medical missionaries for men and women above 18 years, we dedicated our entire life as we promise, profess and take perpetual profession when our formation of life in the institute in Fivefold formation; Spiritual formation, Academic Formation, Human Formation, Pastoral Formation and Medical Formation.


To be Candidates of Jesolites as required by Jesolites Rules and formation of candidates according to Charism and mission Apostolate.

All candidates who wish to join and incardinate to Jesolites: 

Priests who are interested to join us; shall choose to study: 

Clinical Pastoral education and License Practical Nurse,  Nursing Education or BSN if he has the strength these will involved in his formation to become Jesolite.

Those who are deacons must live in Community for 3 to 6 months to learn the life of JESOLITES . Then Apostolic works to get reports and this depend on level of maturity on our mission of Jesolites affairs. Then, do Clinical Pastoral Education or License Practical Nurse LPN, 1 year to 2 years must not exceed 3 years 

Those who finished theology, one year Probation learn us and working on our places.

One Novitiate Clinical Pastoral Education or License Practical education LPN or BSNand Ordination.Which can be 2 to 3 years must not exceed 4 years.

Therefore, the above is dispensable depend on level of maturity and living life of Jesolites but must be reflected on the evaluations of brothers and Christian’s people.

Those who are in Theology, and wish to join, it is better they discontinue and do their probation and do novitiate, then continue their studies in normal process. No delay but must do Practical Nursing Nurse or Nurse if like it can go further

Those in Philosophy, after philosophy go their 

Novitiate, then normal Apostolic work no delay.

This was adopted and include in the constitution to avoid problems for the candidates and diligent investigations must be carried out by Formators. Those who have medical studies are Exempted from above only follow their seminary studies.

All must do their novitaite  first, profession and final profession before ordination.

SKILLS REQUIRED; DRIVING, MEDICAL EXPERIENCE OR NURSE For medical Apostolate and Mission to the Poor of the Poorest 

Rev Leonard C.Vocation – Director I / Canonical Affairs

FRIAR AFAM UDEH, -Vocation Director II

FRIAR JOHN T. RAYMOND – Assistant in Pastoral & Social Concern

Rev Fr C. B. Kishore – Director of Formation  / Regional Superior